Comic City USA at OHS

Go see this exhibit!

On August 12, 2016, Oregon Historical Society opened Comic City, USA, an exhibit examining the history of print cartooning in Oregon. Curator Lori Erickson divided the room into political cartooning (Jack Ohman, Homer Davenport), comic strips (Bill Plympton, John Callahan, Jan Eliot, Matt Groening), comic books (Basil Wolverton, Carl Barks), graphic novels/graphic journalism (Joe Sacco, Mike Richardson) and web comics (so many!).

Original artifacts on display include Basil Wolverton’s work desk, and two rare examples of non-Disney print cartooning by Carl Barks. In addition to original artwork, the exhibit offers visitors who have always wanted to try their hand at making a comic or a cartoon a chance to test drive the process, using touch screens.

UNDERGROUND USA is designed as a complement to Comic City USA, and our keynote address is presented with support from Oregon Historical Society.

Comic City, USA is a great crash course to an undervalued history. It runs through January 2017.