General Admission: $60

Faculty/Teachers: $40

Students (any kind, we won’t ask): $30

Members of Oregon Historical Society: $30

Members of Northwest History Network: $30

Members of Know Your City: $30

Members of IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center): $30

Members of KBOO: $30

Members of NWFC (Northwest Film Center): $30

Persons affiliated with PCM (Portland Community Media):  $30

Members of OCTE (Oregon Council of Teachers of English): $30

Attendees of the 2015 and/or 2016 Oregon Film History Invitational: $30


UNDERGROUND USA is a public history/art education event made possible in part by a grant from the Kinsman Foundation and by a grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation. It is presented by Oregon Cartoon Institute in partnership with UO Comics & Cartooning Studies and PSU Comic Studies, with support from Oregon Historical Society and McMenamins.

Comic City USA,  the first exhibit to look at Oregon print cartooning history, is at Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Avenue, through Jan. 31, 2017.

“People who read them when they first came out remember the initial impact — like getting whacked in the head with a two by four.” Patrick Rosenkranz, on underground comics