Thank you

With the help of a constantly shifting roster of skilled, passionate volunteers, and grant support from Kinsman Foundation and Miller Foundation, Oregon Cartoon Institute has been educating audiences about Oregon’s underappreciated pop magnificence since 2007. We have no brick and mortar presence, and always work in partnership with organizations and institutions which do.

Anne Richardson, director and co-founder
Dennis Nyback, archivist and co-founder
Gretchen Harmon, hospitality coordination  & press

Thanks to:
Khris Soden, map
Gus Frederick, photography

Thanks to:
Fred Nemo at Black Hat Books, for allowing access to his Scribe archive

Inspiration and advice comes from:
Carl Abbott
Susan Bernofsky
David Chelsea
Damon Eckhoff
Bill Failing
Larry Fong
Gus Frederick
Richard Gehr
Tim Hills
Eric Hillerns
Maurice Isserman
Susan Kirtley
Ross Lienhart
Cris Moss
Karen Munro
Phil Oppenheim
Bill Plympton
Sheldon Renan
Mike Richardson
Patrick Rosenkrantz
Charlotte Rubin
Joe Sacco
Ben Saunders
Tad Savinar
Diana Schutz
Norman Solomon
Ben Truwe
Joe Uris
Julie Vigeland
Kate Wagle
Michael Wells

More information can be found on the OCI website. OCI is fiscally sponsored by Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, a 501 c3 non profit organization.